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Updated Review: Cadence New Sizes, TSA-approved travel containers

New sizes, new limited edition colors!

Cadence dropped a new line of containers after hearing from customers about their desire for a larger capsule. See my previous post about the brand, here.

The original .56 fl oz is enough for face wash, serums, and moisturizer but when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it can only take you so far -- I discovered this over time and had to go back to buying mini bottles for my hair care.

It didn't take long for me to snag two of the 1.32 fl oz ($22 each). I used it daily on my 10-day European trip and had no issues! It was just enough! Of course, the use varies depending on how often you wash and how much hair you have, but it was such an upgrade from the previous capsule.

Here's a look at the original Cadence and the new size side by side.

Size comparison between the old and new Cadence capsule
Two left capsules are the original .56 fl oz, two right are 1.32 fl oz

  • The tile is also updated, it's a press-down rather than a pull-up as the previous model shows. The corners are also softer but stay true to their signature hexagon shape.

  • New sizes include 2.75 fl oz containers ($36 each) and "extenders" ($14 each) that can be attached to the capsule. This makes sense for body wash or adding more shampoo for those longer trips.

This is a major improvement by the company and I look forward to adding a couple more to my collection!

What are your thoughts, would you try the new sizes?


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