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About Me

My name is Nicole. I’m a former TV reporter and an award-winning PR professional. Today, I'm a travel and lifestyle writer focused on helping Millennials and Gen Z, or truly anyone, get the most out of their travels without breaking the bank.


I have a natural curiosity to explore the world around me, not only abroad, but in my backyard in Dallas, Texas, all on a budget. I genuinely enjoy documenting my findings with those who share the same love. 

I was 19 years old when I took my first flight—what better place than Paris? I was all alone and barely knew the language (five years of French allowed me to order drinks and read menus, you know, the important stuff) but somehow none of that mattered. I was in love with how I felt. It was liberating. I was able to navigate through an amazing city and immerse myself in the culture.


Since, I've been to Italy, Ireland, England, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, The Netherlands, and several cities across the states. I have a bucket list and it is nowhere near done. It may never be. So, this is open to you, just a bunch of people bitten by the travel bug wanting to infect others. 

This is also a place where I'll share lifestyle content such as vintage-inspired home decor finds, recipes, fashion staples, eco-friendly products, and any other bits and bobs I stumble upon.  




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