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TSA Carry-On Approved: Cadence Capsules, The Eco-Friendly Travel Containers Worth Packing

Leaky travel containers or bottles that somehow burst during transit can be a nightmare. I've had my fair share of major bag cleanups. Note: I wouldn't necessarily count on those ziplock bags for extra protection, either. They, too, have failed me. Awesome.

It wasn't until recently that I began rethinking how I can travel smarter and lighter. I was so used to buying the small TSA carry-on shampoos and cleansers from Target's travel rack, I didn't stop to think about how much of a waste it really was. In the end, it’s more money spent and it has the potential of product waste if it were to leak.

Then comes Cadence.

cadence TSA carry on liquids
Cadence capsules, a new way to take your TSA carry on approved liquids
The Scoop

Cadence is a magnetic capsule (.56 fl) that replaces traditional travel bottles. I purchased the capsules in "sand" by using the"build your own honeycomb" option, these TSA carry-on approved liquid containers are a game-changer. No more squeezing out what you can from tiny bottles, just scoop. The company says, "unlike silicone bottles that are actually porous and can absorb your oils, cadence capsules were designed to be 100% non-leaching, non-absorbing, and chemically resistant." Even better.

Each hexagon has a powerful magnet that allows you to build upon. The simple screw top has a title slider that you can customize to say whatever you want outside of the basic "sunscreen" or "cleanser" labels. Each capsule is $14, but follows the model of the more you purchase, the more you save. Plus, the colors they come in are gorgeous! Pastel pink, lavender, and shades of ocean blue, you can mix and match to reflect your personal style!

Cadence TSA carry on liquids container
The capsule in the color "sand".
Eco-friendly Approach

The company prioritizes sustainability, they say one capsule is equal to "one travel-sized bottle’s worth of plastic removed from beaches and recycled in our material".

Cadence makes its product with 50% recycled material, a blend is 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic and 30% reused scrap plastic. It's no surprise to learn that their shipping labels, boxes, and all packaging are also recyclable. Cadence also gifts you a tiny sliver of seed paper with your package to grows wildflowers. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

In the end, you're saving space in your travel bag, avoiding single-use plastic, spills, and it's a look! Try it out and let me know what you think taking your liquids in this new TSA-approved carry-on!

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