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Small Apartment Update: Parisian-inspired Decor

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this--I never truly invested in my rentals. I knew it was only temporary and I wasn't getting paid much as a TV reporter, so, settling for cheap, (sometimes mismatched) items was good enough for me. However, my focus has shifted to making my home a place I'm proud to call home.

French decor has always been a love of mine. Ornate brass mirrors, gold candlestick holders, antique trinkets, and lots of cute greenery create the perfect Parisian touch. I carefully chose a handful of accent pieces to compliment my apartment's lived-in feel.

Small Parisian-inspired Apartment
Parisian decor adds such a classy touch to small apartment space.

Quick tip: If you're looking for a room refresher and you're on a budget, I recommend starting with pillows, throws, and wall art. It's enough to change the vibe of the room without digging into the bones of the space such as buying a new couch, chair, coffee table, or rug. However, in my case, I was ready for a new look entirely, switching my 70s inspired style to a more timeless look.

My current apartment is 896 square feet, so the 5x7 living room rug that I lugged around the last four years wasn't going to cut it anymore. It was too small for the couch and had lots of wear to it. Speaking of the couch, I began to feel it was too chunky, I wanted something that had some warmth and more room to sprawl out for movie nights.

Before the update
Small parisian-inspired apartment
New couch, ottoman, rug, and mirror.

Let's start with the center piece, I was debating for months if I wanted to get another fabric couch but after seeing several gorgeous photos of this leather Poly and Bark Napa, I felt this was the time to invest. It's comfortable, stylish, and will last for years to come. Plus, Poly and Bark offer a 30-day money back guarantee (just keep the box). The warm leather gives off a cozy and inviting vibe.

small parisian-inspired apartment decor

The ottoman they offered was a little too big for my liking so I ended up finding a smaller version on Article. I knew this would give me the flexibility to slide it around compared to a stationary sectional. The items are a bit pricey, at least for me, but they do offer payment plans which can be helpful.

small parisian-inspired apartment decor

As for the new rug, I found a deal on Overstock of a 6x9 Parisian inspired rug. I love a good neutral palette. The ivory and silver melt into the room and provide a sense of calm.

small parisian-inspired apartment decor

My French-looking antique mirror was a lucky find on Let Go, now, Offer Up. The seller (who said it belonged to her great-grandmother) was kind enough to bargain with me and I was able to get the 1940s item for 40 bucks. I kid you not! This kind of thing sells for hundreds online, it was a great deal. I'm forever grateful, too! If you're looking for something similar, try Facebook Marketplace, at least you can try to haggle, otherwise, Etsy, Amazon, or Neiman Marcus has some great finds as well but with a higher price tag.

small parisian-inspired apartment decor

I added a new piece of wall art as well. I found this gem on Etsy. Line drawings are so simplistic and delicate, it reminded me of something I would see in a Parisian apartment. I just had to have it.

small parisian-inspired apartment decor

I also decided to switch out my rose gold chrome standing lamp with this sphere duo light lamp, a dupe for West Elm's version. It fits well in the corner and compliments my "Tout Est Magique" print. I hunted for two weeks to find the perfect ornate frame and had to order the glass separately. Ahh, the things we do for art.

small parisian-inspired apartment decor

My console is from Target, although they don't carry the item any longer, you can find a similar item, here. I wanted to keep the colors muted to match the vibe of the room. I mounted my TV because I think it gives the space an elevated look. I used a cord cover to keep it clean, you can find those at your local hardware store such as Home Depot, or even Amazon.

I'm moving toward a minimalistic lifestyle, leaving room for only the items I love and will use. If I'm not in love with the item, I sell or donate it. That means, every piece I own is carefully chosen. It may seem like a bit much to some but it truly makes me happy.

Make your own home your happy place. You deserve it!


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