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22 Amazon Finds To Add To Your 2022 Wish List

I admit, sometimes I get lazy when it comes to shopping. Hopping on Amazon to find specific items is a super easy way for me to get what I'm looking for in a pinch (thanks to Amazon Prime). Anyone will tell you that it's a hit or miss when you don't get to see the product in person, but the 22 items below...I'm a fan of! From books and household items to clothing, here are a few of my favorite Amazon finds to include in your 2022 wish list.

Great for remote work, this desk provides a cushioned bottom, wrist support, slots for your phone and tablet, as well as a mouse pad. I often bring it out to work from my couch or bedroom, an alternative to an actual desk if you want to switch things up.

This handy shaver removes all those annoying little fuzzies from your sweaters, socks, fabric couch, etc. It comes with a little plastic catcher that can be removed and cleaned, and an extra blade replacement. It definitely helps my clothes look new again!

I love using a heart rate monitor to track time, calories burned, distance, etc. so when this strap works, it's amazing! But at times, I've had bad luck connecting it to my Polar app via bluetooth. I've called the company a few times to get it replaced. It could just be me! Still, it has more than 3,300 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars. Try it for yourself and see what you think!

This is a must if you get tons of screen time, especially at night before bed. According to Harvard Medical School, "Blue wavelengths—which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood—seem to be the most disruptive at night." The blue light from your screen can suppress melatonin production which can make it difficult to sleep. I put these on when I'm working long hours or watching tv at night. If you order from this brand, you get two--give one to a friend!

No need to ask for a stranger to take your photo, just set up this light-weight tripod and timer, and you're good to go! I'm always paranoid that someone will run away with my phone anyway. This came in handy when I took a trip to Arkansas with some friends and we didn't want to our arms coming from the edge photo frame. It's also great for solo travel.

Truthfully, I bought this just for cereal. I wanted to take my frosted flakes to work without it getting soggy. You can choose to use the top or bottom for liquid and the other for your dry food. I've also seen it advertised with other foods like yogurt and granola or fruit. It's a fun little lunchpot.

I can't stand metal straws, just thinking about it hurts my teeth! I've seen glass straws and although they're pretty, I don't want to accidentally break or chip it and digest it. No thanks! These soft, silicone straws come in a pack of three with a little protective bag and cleaner. The color scheme is also exactly what I wanted.

I have a hard time remembering to drink water but this aesthetically pleasing glass bottle has me refilling it multiple times a day. The lid has a straw and a sip option so you don't have to change anything out. The leather cover on the bottom also adds a nice touch, making it look a little more upscale (as upscale drinkware can be). Super convenient! Coffee, tea, suits just about anything.

When it comes to tap water, I don't mind it. But I know some water fountains can leave a not-so-great aftertaste. With the BRITA filter water bottle, you can fill up wherever and the insert will do all the work of cleaning it for you. It's helpful if you don't have a fridge that comes with a filter. You just have to change out the insert every two months, your first purchase has one included.

Following recipes using measuring cups works well but if you really want an accurate reading--a food scale will step your game up. It's easy to use and light-weight. I often use this to measure my yogurt into six ounces to match the individual sizes at the store.

Grocery store trips can be a pain if you're lugging tons of foods in plastic bags, not knowing if any of them will tear while making your way out of the car. I do my best to use canvas bags as much as possible to cut down on plastic, that's why this huge reusable tote is such a help. The thick fabric is a fantastic reinforcement of protection.

I don't always carry a purse, in fact, I often grab my keys and wallet and walk out the door. However, I also want to be hands-free! That's why I snagged this $15 key ring bracelet. It's a much better deal than what I've seen at brick-and-mortar stores. This Amazon find is simple but it works!

This apricot-colored sweater feels polished yet breathable and comfortable. I like the cropped style, it makes it easy to pair with high-waisted trousers. I bought one in grey, too!

I've talked about this set so many times but it's because I love it so much. I'm very specific when it comes to what I lounge in and this one is a clear winner. It's soft and the drawstring waistband makes it easy to sleep in. It comes in a ton of different colors, too. I got beige, lavender, and this light green one below. Here's another option from the brand but with a waffle-fabric style.

This all-in-one bag is a super space saver and perfect for your 2022 travels. I have room for my makeup, toiletries, jewelry, and glasses. I like the hanging option for easy access. There's also a removable pouch to slim it down.

This bag helps organize my makeup with the adjustable compartments, which can be also be removed entirely. I don't have a lot of products but what I do have takes up space. I knew I wanted to keep my brushes clean so having the velcro cover is helpful, I also like the hidden zipper on the top of the case.

I read that having a silk pillow case provides a cleaner sleeping surface, reduces hair frizz, wrinkles, and is less drying for your skin when compared to cotton. I've been using silk pillow cases for three years and I feel like its helped my hair! I'm a stomach sleeper so I'm not sure if the fine lines have reduced--but there are creams for that.

I love that someone thought of this! Your plant isn't going to stay the same size (if it's healthy and growing!) so having to buy a new stand each time is such a waste. This Amazon find actually adjusts with your pot's size! It fits 8-12 inch containers.

I've shared this book in a previous post, New Plant Mom Tips: It's More Than Aesthetics, and I'm sharing it again here! I have learned so much about plants from Darryl Cheng, he's a genius! He doesn't give "short cuts" on how to care for a plant but actually teaches you the fundamentals of plant life. I still refer to this book when I have questions.

I gifted my parents and my brother their own books to fill out. It's divided up into life stages, asking fun light-hearted questions like what their favorite food is, to more deep and meaningful questions such as details about their proudest moment. It doesn't have to be your parents either, it can be a grandparent or someone important in your life you want to know more about. It's a gift you both can enjoy!

Candles don't have to be boring! Try these twisted candle sticks to add a bit of style. I bought three tapered candle stick holders and added these to the leveled up my setting. You can also choose from seven metallic colors. Find one that fits your aesthetic!

I store my coffee grounds, rice, pasta, and sugar in these since it has a sealed rubber lid to lock in freshness. It comes in a handful of sizes so you can build a larger storage space. What sold me is the shape and dark wood color, you can't really find this style in stores. It makes my pantry look a bit nicer, too.

I use several of these items daily and it has been a great addition to my home. I hope it helps you, too! Which of the 22 Amazon finds are you looking to order next?


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