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North Texas BBQ Joint You Should Try

Ten 50 BBQ in Richardson, Texas (north of Dallas) has quality smoked meats and a southern picturesque atmosphere fit for any BBQ fan. This joint proves you can have the best of both worlds.

Here's the rundown.

A spread for two but can feed three hungry mouths.

The Ten 50 menu:

Talk about a meat lovers paradise, as it should be! It takes pitmasters more than 12 HOURS to reach optimal tastiness. I love turkey on any given day, but when it comes to BBQ style dishes, I have to snag the brisket. It's juicy and can be chopped or sliced -- a great combo with their buttery rolls or as a sandwich.

Another great option? The jalapeno sausage -- it's the perfect amount of "heat" for your taste buds. Once you decide your plate, the pitmaster will show off their knife skills by cutting your choice of meat right in front of you. See the video below!

The sides are just as mouth-watering and only 4 bucks to add on. Brisket baked beans, five cheese mac, corn on the cob, baked's hard to only pick one!

Tip: Split the crispy, thin fries, it's enough to fill two stomachs up!

If you have room for dessert, Ten 50 BBQ is all about good ol' fashioned pie. Chocolate silk, anyone?

The vibe:

Every now and then I do love a good hole-in-the-wall restaurant with chipped paint that usually says, "Best BBQ in Texas" under poor fluorescent lighting. Believe me, you can find some great BBQ at these "no fuss"joints. But I'm also a sucker for aesthetics. And this place has it.

First, the size of the restaurant, you have a brick, two story establishment and a large outdoor patio that can easily fit 30+ people. The 10 foot mural and amber-toned lights adds a soft touch to the industrial exteriors.

There are a few Texas staples like a 1950s chevy truck perched on gravel. It acts as a center piece and politely reminds you that you're in Dallas. The picnic tables and steel table tops add some grit, while the bar light fixtures and high dining room ceiling resembles a dance hall.

Ten 50 BBQ is has made such an impression, they're opening a second location in Grapevine between Dallas and Fort Worth!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your gang and fill up your plate!

Location: 1050 N. Central Expy, Richardson, Texas 75080

Open 7 days a week - 10:50am to 9:00pm


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