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La La Land Kind Cafe's New Addison Location Is A Minimalist Dream

This coffee shop is just asking for you to take photos of it. So, kick back and grab a seat on the patio because this is going to be your new Addison favorite.

The first thing I noticed was the cream-colored corner where they have hanging lanterns and identical book covers to match. It doubles as a waiting area, plus you can browse the La La's merch, including trucker hats, oversized tees, and whole bean coffee to make your own cup at home.

Being a small cafe, it drove lots of foot traffic during the lunch hour. However, I think it's safe to say that La La Land Kind Cafe has made a name for itself in Dallas in a short period of time. They first came to the scene in 2019, opening its doors on Lower Greenville Ave. Addison is the fourth location to open in the city with the fifth out-of-state in Santa Monica, California. And judging by their Instagram, the L.A. crowd is loving them. They’ve already hosted events for big names like Summer Fridays and Jergens! I can only imagine where they might go next.

La La Land Kind Cafe’s Mission

I think there has been a shift among consumers when it comes to supporting businesses. Many of us are now looking at a company's mission, vision, and values, and how we identify with the brand.

La La Land Kind Cafe was created to simply fill a need — to help teens who age out of the foster care system have a place where they can get learn and support themselves. The cafe offers an eight-week program that provides: Life Skills, Mentorship, Customer Service, and Job Training After the program, they have an opportunity to get assistance for housing, higher education, job placements, and/or therapy.

It shows they're invested in the local community and that's something I think Dallasites can stand behind.

Sips & Bites

I love that they offer their own spin on drinks like the Purple Rain Latte (lavender, CDB, espresso, and oat milk) or their Perfect Latte (which contains some kind of "secret sauce" with espresso and milk!). You can take a look at their full menu here.

Try pairing your drink with M.A.K.A toast (almond butter, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, honey drizzle) or something more adventurous like the La La Dream Toast (burrata, pesto, avocado mash, crunchy chili oil, chili flakes). I think you might have to mentally prepare for the explosion of flavors on that one!


La La Land Kind Cafe

5294 Belt Line Rd Suite 110, Addison, TX 75254

Phone: (972) 677-7739

Open daily 6:30 a.m. - 7p.m.

What do you think of their business model? Let me know your thoughts!

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13 dic 2022

To read your post, I visited the La La Land Kind cafe and enjoy their shake which is really tasty.

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Me gusta
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