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How To Have A Minimalist Wardrobe, Declutter, & Organize

Closets typically aren't treated like the rest of the rooms in our home, they're often neglected since it's not an area you spend a lot of time in, plus guests aren't privy to seeing it when visiting. But your closet is actually a special spot, clothes can influence how we feel about ourselves, so if you have an area that is easily accessible and clean, it makes the "getting ready" process not only faster, but more fun.

Here's how I quickly transformed my closet into a space I enjoy, and how I created a minimalist wardrobe.


Ah, the first task but one of my favorites. Before you start thinking of what should go where, get rid of items you don't want or need. Have any clothes, shoes, or purses you could do without? A good rule for me is, if i haven't worn it in a while and I am not in love with it, it has to go. Don't you want to love every piece you own? Try not to make excuses to hold on to things that aren't serving you. It's about getting rid of excess!

Donate or Sell

Separate the pile into two categories: Donations and Sell items. Anything you think isn't in good enough condition to sell, donate it to a friend or an organization that needs it. Donation Town also can be a useful resource to finding charities that will pick up your items at no-cost to you. They connect with real, local groups across the nation.

how to minimize your wardrobe

Now, comes the actual organization part!

Color code

Using a color coding system does two things, it creates a faster selection process and an aesthetically pleasing set up. Looking for a white top to go with your jeans? Easy! Just go to your section of creams and whites, and you've likely cut your search time in half. This applies to shoes as well!


I take the extra step and organize by style as well. I have all my tanks in the front, followed by sleeveless, t-shirts, and long sleeves toward the back. On my bottom rack, I have my leggings, work pants, jeans, then skirts and shorts. But do what is easiest for you! Think about what system makes the most sense and what you will actually stick to, if organizing it in a "micro" manner is too much, think of a broader approach. Maybe even skip "style" and just color code. One thing to consider is how you would naturally move about the space. Be realistic of what you're actually going to keep up with.

how to minimize your wardrobe


If you have things you have to hold on to, consider investing in a couple of clear storage bins. (You can also get storage baskets for a more concealed look, it gives off a more homey vibe.) I placed all my seasonal accessories like hats and gloves, and holiday decor in it and set it up on a high shelf, these items are things I don't need access often, so this spot works perfectly. But I try to keep this on the minimal side of things, so two bins work perfect for what I have.

Matching Hangers

This is not a must but it does help things look cleaner compared to different colored plastic hangers. I opted for Joy velvet hangers from Target to keep smoother items from slipping, but also because they gave off a more "chic" feel. You can find them on Amazon for around 20 dollars. It's an easy upgrade!

It doesn't take much to fine tune your closet, just a few tweaks!

how to minimize your wardrobe

Choosing A Wardrobe That Lasts

You may have heard of the whole, "Buy one, get rid of two" tip. And although that is helpful, what if you love the other two pieces just as much as before? You don't want get rid of things just because.

So, go to the source, consider purchasing items that are wardrobe staples, items that are high-quality and won't fall apart in a year. By being more thoughtful, you are doing two things: Avoiding waste and loving every piece you have in your closet.

Here are a few of my personal recommendations of must-haves for a minimalist:

  • Durable high-quality classic denim jeans, high waisted or whatever your preference

  • Denim jean shorts, preferably in blue or black

  • A white soft button up made of linen or cotton (not the boxy office kind!)

  • A white fitted T-shirt

  • A black dress (preferably one that can be versatile for an evening or an interview)

  • A simple day dress (white linen pairs easily)

  • A neutral-toned or black turtleneck

  • Oversized knit sweater (earth tones look great)

  • A well-fitted blazer in black, gray, or camel

  • A well-fitted coat, either peacoat or full body length

  • A sturdy pair of classic boots (something that can be paired with jeans or dresses)

  • A pair of comfortable running shoes, white or black

  • A pair of heels in nude or black (ones that don't hurt your feet, if possible!)

  • A pair of neutral toned sandals

Personally, I stay away from too many patterns and stick to solids, but if I do branch out, I go for a French-style polka dot skirt or minimal stripes. I believe that's what makes it easy to mix and match.

If you don't already have these, don't feel like you have to go out and get them all now. Build your collection, it's part of the fun! Being mindful of what you're getting and why helps you avoid impulse buying. If you can't stop thinking about a specific item after a few weeks--go for it.

I hope this was helpful! What do you do to organize and minimize your wardrobe?


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