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Recipe: Fall Pumpkin Bread

For my first time baking pumpkin bread, I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it came out. Seriously, this pumpkin bread recipe blew me away!

A friend suggested we make this fall treat to get into the spirit of the new season. Yes, there are tons of ingredients but it was worth it to conjure up this delicious, moist, spongy delight!

We followed the directions nearly perfectly, except for the part where it asks for 2/3 cup of water, it threw us for a loop, it looked like tomato soup! Ultimately, we made it work and even added our own touch--chocolate chips! Try pouring half the batter into a loaf pan and spread the other half evenly in a cupcake tray. We decided to not add frosting because the bread was quite sweet on its own, full of spice and flavor!

The pumpkin bread kept its moisture for quite some time. Yep, it was gone within three days. I'm not ashamed; it was that good.

Tip: Make sure you butter the pans well! We had a few pumpkin bread muffins stick to the edges.


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