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Dallas Best Bakeries: From Cake Bar to Village Baking Company

Finding the most delicious breads, cakes, and cookies can be like a treasure hunt, especially in Dallas where new places are constantly sprouting up. Here's a handful of what I consider to be the best bakeries in the city, providing top-notch taste and a picturesque environment.

Cake Bar

This Trinity Groves bakery specializes in, you guessed it, cakes. Cake Bar has 16 unique favors outside of the traditional neapolitan and red velvet treats. We're talking hummingbird cake, a moist spongy dessert dressed in toasted pecans, pineapple, and banana, with a dash of cinnamon iced with cream cheese frosting, as well as pina colada!

Cake Bar's owner, Tracy German, moved to Dallas from Georgia, and brought her passion of creating southern-style treats along with her. German actually used to sell her cakes out of her home for nearly 14 years, however, demand began to grow and so did her business. Her shop is easy to spot with a classic window display and bright baby blue store front. Instagram, anyone?

Bisous Bisous Patisserie

The first time I visited Bisous Bisous was on my birthday, I knew I wanted something special, it gave me all the French vibes. They have all the staples like macarons, fruit tarts, cookies, even "cruffins," a hybrid of a muffin and croissant. My favorite is definitely the chocolate tart, it's really dense, similar to fudge. Who needs a birthday cake away?

They also serve coffee and espresso. Can't go wrong. See more of their cute photos, here.

Village Baking Company

Village Baking Company is hands down my favorite bakery in Dallas. Just take a look at that freshly baked bread!

I can get a jambon beurre (ham, provolone, and butter sandwich on a baguette) AND a pain au chocolat with a coffee--it's the best combination of food. Outside of the actual meals you can get from here, their pastries are exactly what you would expect at a French bakery. I was informed that one of the owners studied in France and applied what he learned into this cute little bakery.

Feel free to drool over their feed.

San Martin Restaurant and Bakery

The first thing you'll notice about this restaurant is the greenery that dresses the walls. Ferns are spilling out of every nook and cranny making it feel like you're in a rainforest..but you're in uptown Dallas. And hey, that's ok! San Martin is actually a restaurant based in Guatemala, the owners added this location as its first in the U.S.

I will say, although the sweet breads and bakery items may be directed more toward the locals compared to some of the mom and pop shops around town, it still a great place to visit. The atmosphere is beautiful and the fact that it's a restaurant and bakery all in one gets some extra points.

Get more of an idea by swiping through their tagged photos on Instagram.

Kookie Haven

Oak Cliff has an array of family-owned businesses, and that includes Kookie Haven. According to their website the bakery is ran by three sisters who decided to reopen their family business that had been closed for more than a decade. A great move for Dallasites!

They have a mix of square cakes and, of course, cookies with more than a dozen flavors to choose from. Surely you will find a favorite among chocolate peanut butter, muddy buddy, and butter toffee crunch.

Check out their Instagram here.

If you have tried these places, let me know what you think!


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