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Dallas-based Hudson House Review

Three velvet waffles. Yes! This seafood and oyster bar has made a signature dish of fried chicken and waffles but with a twist. And that's not all they have on the menu worth trying. But we'll get to that!

Hunter Pond, owner and founder of another Dallas favorite, East Hampton Sandwich Co., opened Hudson House on Lovers Lane in 2017. Since, he's expanded to two additional locations in Addison and Lakewood.

The Vibe

I grabbed brunch Hudson House's Addison location on Belt line Rd. The atmosphere is polished yet causal. The timeless sphere light fixtures, plush seating, and servers who sport an apron and bow tie elevate the experience without making it feel too upscale. So, feel free to show up in a day dress or jeans and a cute top, either way, you'll fit right in!

This location also has a covered outdoor patio with large ceiling fans and greenery--perfect for beating the heat or when those cooler temps start settling in.

The Grub

The menu has a mix of seafood and "landfood" so even those who have a less adventurous palette will find something they enjoy.

I came for brunch and wanted something sweet (per usual). The red velvet waffles and fried chicken was calling my name loud and clear, I knew I HAD to get my fork in these fluffy, sweet delights! It's actually one of Hudson House's most popular dish. The chicken is tender and juicy, with a light layer of breading that balance the flavors. It also has a dash of chives and powdered sugar on top. It's perfect for one, unless you want to share!

If you're looking for more savory, I would recommend the lobster roll. The poppy seed bun was perfectly toasted and the lobster was fresh and buttery. Now, I know it's tough to find some good seafood, let alone, LOBSTER in Texas but this was a great pick, plus when you combine it with their fingerling potatoes--amazing combo.

Other items on the menu I want to check out is their classic lox served on a bagel, steak with truffle fries, and the chicken parm. For seafood lovers, check out The Bouquet, part of their speciality towers. It comes with specialty oysters, snow crab claws, tuna tartare, and shrimp cocktail.

Side note: The service is top-notch. Our waiter was kind and incredibly attentive. He checked on us just enough without it feeling like he interrupting our meal too often. He was patient so we didn't feel rushed, either.

Cocktails & Drinks

For only $5, you can snag a mimosa or a frozen bellini, both hit the spot and are budget friendly! However, Hudson House is home to "The World's Coldest Martini". For $10 you can grab a classic gin or vodka martini, or mix it up with a Cucumber martini (gin & vodka, vermouth, simple syrup, and cucumber). They also have a wine list that has plenty of reds, whites, and bubblys to choose from if cocktails aren't your thing.

See the full menu here.

Overall, Hudson House is a great spot to catch up with friends over brunch or have a dinner date. Plus, the entire restaurant is one large chic backdrop for photos! So, next time you're wondering where to grab drinks or happen to crave a lobster roll, give Hudson a try!


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