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Best Coffee Shops In & Near Dallas

Cold-brews, lattes, and cappuccinos hold a special place in my belly. And if you're reading this, it might be the same for you, too!

When venturing to find the perfect cup, I look for two things: variety and an aesthetically pleasing environment. It brings together the full experience! Here's my personal list of some of the best and unique coffee shops in and near Dallas.

Funny Library

Located just northwest of downtown Dallas and inside the Virgin Hotel, Funny Library Coffee Shop offers an upscale vibe but with a down-to-earth attitude. The cafe is dressed in floral prints, feathers, velvet and has a library of funny and quirky books to read while sipping on your favorite drink.

I ordered a cold brew and I have it say, it came out perfectly! No tweaks on my end, that's when you know it's delicious. There's also a chic restaurant attached to it, so if you're looking for a bite, you're just steps away. Check out their Instagram and get inspired.

George Coffee + Provisions

A gorgeous farm-house located in Coppell, a city north of Dallas, is where you'll find George Coffee + Provisions. It's nestled in the cutest town square, driving through felt like I was in a 1950s TV show. The neighboring businesses are also homes converted into cafes and bakeries, not to mention the Farmers Market is smack dab in the center surrounding by colorful, two-story bungalows. The coffee house also has plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the weather. Did I mention how incredibly photogenic it is?

I opted for the vanilla iced latte with oat milk and Nutella toast with strawberries. TRY IT. You won't regret it.

Pax & Beneficia

This modern coffee shop calls Las Colinas home ( but they will be expanding to Ft. Worth and downtown Dallas). The brass light fixtures, patterned blue and white tile, and leather interiors give off a cool, European style. Outside of the normal menu, Pax and Beneficia also offers Turkish coffee, something that isn't easy to find at many coffee shops around Dallas.

What makes the shop even more alluring, the owners give back to the community by donating "a portion of profits every Tuesday and every quarter to various charities who further the values and mission espoused by Pax & Beneficia." You can't go wrong with a mocha cappuccino and a buttery, chocolate croissant. See more of their lovely photos on their Instagram.

best coffee shops in dallas
Source: Instagram, @paxandbeneficia

Source: Instagram, @paxandbeneficia

Baldo's Ice Cream and Coffee

Pastries aren't the only sweet treats to pair with coffee, how about some handmade ice cream? Baldo's Ice Cream and Coffee strikes a great balance of casual with a touch of glam. Marble tabletops, camel-colored booths, and tiny French-style patio seating call for a quick photoshoot.

Outside of their ice cream flights, pints to take home, and floats, they serve coffee, tea, and specialty drinks. Add chocolate syrup to any hot or iced coffee and I bet you'll make a return trip sooner than you think!

Leche de Cafe

This is truly a hidden gem, seriously, I couldn't find it the first time I visited! Located northeast of downtown Dallas, Leche de Cafe opened during the most challenging time for businesses. But they put their heart and soul into the shop, truly pouring into others. When the February winter storm hit Dallas, within days the Leche de Cafe worked tirelessly to donate food to those affected. That's why supporting small businesses matter. To find out how to help, visit their Instagram.

The atmosphere is really cute, dozens of greenery fill the shelves and the minimal decor makes the coffee shop feel airy. I ordered the Mexican coffee, it had hints of chocolate and cinnamon. They also bake their own conchas, or sweet bread, in-house daily. You can even put special orders online for pick up. The owner is also incredibly sweet.

Source: Instagram,

Any coffee shops in or near Dallas that you love? Leave me the name in the comments! I'm always looking for new places to visit.


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