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Affordable Alternatives For The Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror Under $190

Is it just me or is the Anthropologie Primrose Mirror always making some kind of appearance on Instagram? I gasped the first time I saw the price for the brassy gem. I'm all about spending money on things I know I will absolutely love, but I can't justify $500 for a three-foot mirror or $1,500 for a seven-footer. I have bills to pay!

If you want that chic look but don't want to lose part of your rent money in the process, I have you covered.

Gold Arch & Flourish Wall Mirror - $59 (limited time, originally $119)

For a limited time, you can snag this gorgeous piece half off from Hobby Lobby online. It's sleek with its bright, gold tone and the bottom leaf-like details help pull the entire look together.

The shell-like pendent at the top and the unique shape creates a simple and elegant look. Although it doesn't look exactly like the gleaming primrose dupe, it's large enough to be a statement piece in any room for a reasonable price.

This had several positive reviews online. The color is a little darker than the bright gold Anthropologie sells but it can be spray painted to whatever shade you fancy. Personally, I like the aged, darker look. It gives it character.

Am I seeing a legit dupe? Yep! This is the closest I have come across that looks nearly identical to the gleaming primrose mirror! And it's less than half the price--I have two gold mirrors and this is making me want a third.

Affordable Alternatives For The Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror

This has a longer body than the rest but has a more modern look. It blends the past and present while maintaining a classy signature look with the top detail.

Don't forget, you can always find antique mirrors on Etsy, Offer Up, and Facebook Marketplace. It's actually how I found my two gold/brassy ones for $40 and $60 dollars. I wrote a bit about it in my Parisian-inspired apartment update. Check it out, here.

Which one is your favorite? Share yours in the comments!

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Nov 22, 2021

Wow, I’m so glad I stumbled on to your site. These mirrors totally look like the anthropologie version. Thanks for sharing!

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